Welcome to The Detox Co.

Introduced to you by, Faraaz Mahomed.


Using the freshest fruit and vegetables to give you the ultimate detox to energize, cleanse and reboot your body’

The detox is available in a one, two or three day program. Consisting of 8 different juices per day, THE DETOX will slowly begin its process by flushing out your system and then working its way into your bloodstream collecting and disposing all unwanted toxins and bad matter.

There are results of weight loss in the detox but this is not guaranteed as peoples metabolisms work differently. THE DETOX does not only cleanse you but disciplines and teaches you how to control the intake of unwanted foods, making this a life changing experience.

THE DETOX is based on a principle of being pure and economic, all our juices are bottled in the highest grade glass and presented to you in wooden crates to allow you to recycle the bottles to serve and present other juices or drinks in your home. So nothing gets wasted.

Our Packages

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One Day Detox
8 Bottles
8 bottles of juice in glass bottles with an 8 bottle handmade wooden crate:
Two Day Detox
16 Bottles
16 bottles of juice in glass bottles with a 16 bottle handmade wooden crate:
Three Day Detox
24 Bottles
24 bottles of juice in glass bottles with one 8 and one 16 bottles handmade wooden crate: