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Introducing The Detox Co.

The Detox Company offers unique detox solutions that include proprietary detox blends, powerful detox supplements, and a unique combination of low-caloric detox juices and nutrient-rich super-foods. In addition to the comprehensive nutritional detox programs, we also offer a vast array of wellness programs that support the detox experience and results on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Clients choose both the duration and content of their detox program to meet their current needs and lifestyles.

The exclusive detox platform we have created brings together a team of extremely competent wellness professionals renowned in Miami for their expertise in their individual field. Examples of wellness programs offered by the Detox Company include: qi gong detox, acunpucture detox, yoga detox, fitness detox, etc.

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    Private Consultations

    Private clients are offered private detox and nutrition consultations as well as life coaching throughout the cleanse to support their detox and help them transition in the pre- and post- detox phases. They can select from either private or group detox sessions in the wellness program of their choice. Long-distance clients receive all their detox supplies (juices, blends, and supplements) directly at home and are offered the option to enroll in the online detox wellness programs of their choice.

    Our Partners

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    • Female Empowerment Detox – Power Yoga & Martial Arts
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